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A unique breath-taking atmosphere, a game for everybody, an emotional experience: this is the essence of our Escape Room. Are you ready to try it?

Escape Rooms / Prices

bank robbery escape room

Bank Robbery

This room is based on a far-west theme. You'll be involved in a bank robbery experience. Are you ready for smoking guns and whiskey?

lost world escape room

Lost World

This escape room is for the Dinosaurs Lovers, it's based on a Jurassic Park theme. Get lost or be the winner, it's up to you!


The two escape rooms have the same prices, here they are:


    50 € (25 € each)


    60 € (20 € each)


    76 € (19 € each)


    85 € (17 € each)


    96 € (16 € each)


    112 € (16 € each)


    128 € (16 € each)


starting from 16€ per player

Difficulty: 4/5

2-8 Players

60 min.

It's 31 of December 1889. In the city of Mesa Verde, the ruthless Ramon Rojo is gathering the best men to form the best criminal team of the west. To enter his team Ramon will test you: you'll enter the Baxter's Saloon to find the secret passage that leads to the most important bank in Colorado: the "Banco Nacional de Mesa Verde". 20,000$ is the loot you will have to steal and take away before midnight.

Will you be able to become real bandits in 60 minutes?

the Lost World

starting from 16€ per player

Difficulty: 5/5

2-8 Players

65 min.

It's 1998. John Hammond's dream of building the largest amusement park on Isla Nublar is now a memory. After his death, InGen is on the verge of bankruptcy and the fate of the company is being discussed. But someone plots a plan. An anonymous InGen member has been secretly working on a project to make dinosaurs beings for years genetically modified and turn them into biological weapons. To put his plan into practice, he stole InGen-owned machinery and many test tubes containing dinosaur DNA. Secret services have uncovered traces that lead to a long-closed Manhattan museum dedicated to the memory of the Jurassic park. Few clues looking for answers. You are investigators.

You have one hour to recover the stolen DNA, find out who the mole is and who he collaborated with.

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